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ARUBA Wi-Fi - The network takes care of you

Newly you can find in our portfolio the top products in the field of Wi-Fi technology, Aruba Networks - Manufacturer of perfect solutions of Wi-Fi networks with extreme emphasis on reliability and safety. Unbeatable simplicity and flexibility of deployment with intelligent access points and centralized networks. You have to deal only with your savings for the management of your company network, it is the real future.
Send your news or materials by sms to connected users! And Aruba can do more.
If you are looking for a solution or independent testing or calculation, feel free to contact us.
Our experts will suggest the best solution right for you.


What is the best customer-value in Aruba?

  • Affordable and the best APs 802.11 ac on the market
  • Everything is automatic (resistance to interference, allocation and client management,…)
  • Everything is a highly secure (encryption, VPN,…)
  • The customer does not solve the cost of network management, network is smart
  • The simplest installation and setup - applies mainly for Instant APs
  • Protection of Investment (transition InstantAP the controller or back)
  • RAP mode is like backup settings for APs
  • Excellent price / performance ratio with Instant APs
Bc. David SEDLÁK
Produktový manažer - RFID a WIFI
mobil:+420 728 136 478
fax:+420 543 212 033
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