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Confidex X-Bolt™


Confidex is proud to announce X-Bolt – the bolt-on RFID tag that turns even a lifeless hunk of metal into something intelligent. Bolt it on, and it stays there. Soak it with machining liquids, and it will survive. Confidex X-Bolt™ gives your component an identity that reads reliably and lasts as long as needed, leaving bar codes and laser markings into the last century.

  • 360° readable

Confidex X-Bolt™ has an X-shaped double dipole antenna with circular polarization – meaning that you can read it reliably from 2 m (7 ft.) away at any angle. 

  • Resistant to chemicals

A cylinder block, for example, goes through up to 12 different chemicals in the machining process. Confidex X-Bolt™is designed to endure all of these – and more.

  • Rugged Xperience

Each Confidex X-Bolt™ is built to last using high-end materials – coated special steel alloy, and high grade reinforced epoxy. Depending on your process, one tag can be used for years.

  • Small and customizable

Measuring only 19 mm in diameter and using M8 thread, Confidex X-Bolt™ is compact and unobtrusive. The size can be customized to your needs, and individual numbering is also possible.



  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction And Mining
  • Railroad
  • Logistics And RTI Operation
  • Healthcare
: 0,
Frequency: UHF,
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Construction And Mining, Railroad, Logistics And RTI Operation, Healthcare,
Surface: Metal,
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Category  Hard tag
Technology UHF (C1G2)   
Type  Global  
Dimensions 19 mm head  

EPC 128 bit; User 512 bit; TID 96 bit 

Read distance  up to 2 m  7 ft 
Operating temperature  -20°C to + 70°C  -4°F to + 158°F
IP class IP68  

Dokumenty ke stažení:

Adobe PDF DokumentConfidex_X-Bolt_datasheet

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