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Handheld Zebra MC3200

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Customer satisfaction and the success of your business are tightly tied to how efficiently and accurately you can manage your inventory. You need to know what you have on hand at all times to prevent costly out-of stocks, while your workers need to rapidly and accurately pick orders to ensure that customers receive the right items, on time. With the MC3200, you will. Now with more options, this cost-effective, lightweight and rugged mobile computer provides the tools your workers need to complete inventory-related tasks in seconds, from the store sales floor to the loading dock.

Every day, workers use one of three ergonomic models in the MC3000 Series to bring all day comfort to any job, from voice-picking to the most scan-intensive tasks. And since the MC3000 Series has been one of our most popular mobile computers for over 10 years, you get a tough and tested mobile computer you can trust to take your inventory management efficiency to the next level.

Supports both Android Jelly Bean and Microsoft Embedded Compact 7

You get the flexibility to choose the leading operating system that best meets the needs of your business and your workers. And the ability to swap operating systems allows you to future proof your investment.*

Extensions (Mx) by Zebra fortifies Android for the enterprise

Integrated into Android, Mx adds the features needed to transform Android from a consumer operating system (OS) to a true enterprise-class OS, including security, device management and support for enterprise data capture capabilities.

Unparalleled bar code scanning performance improves productivity

Whether you choose the 1-D laser or 2-D imager engine, your workers get our most advanced scanning technology, able to capture bar codes as fast as they can press the trigger regardless of whether items are in hand or on high racks in the warehouse, or whether bar codes are scratched, poorly printed or dirty.
1-D Laser: Patented Adaptive Scanning technology in our 1-D laser offers the widest working range in its class your workers can capture just about any 1-D bar code from near contact to as far as 15 ft./4.5 m away.

2-D Imager: Zebar's PRZM proprietary technology and the extra wide field of view in our 2-D imager enables workers to capture virtually any bar code up to 36 in./92 cm away, as well as scan large bar codes at close range.

Fast wireless connectivity with 802.11n

Provides the desktop style application performance that improves employee productivity and on-the-job satisfaction.

Rugged and ready for the store floor, back room, warehouse or loading dock

Sealing, drop and tumble testing and a rugged audio jack ensure reliable operation despite everyday drops on concrete, extreme cold and heat, spills and more.

Three lightweight models bring all day comfort to scan intensive jobs

Mix and match brick, gun-style or rotating turret form factors with three different keypads to streamline data capture for different types of workers.

Cost-effectively upgrade from any MC3000 Series model

Accessory compatibility allows you to upgrade to the latest mobile technology and preserve existing technology investments.

Future proof applications with RhoMobile Suite

RhoMobile Suite support enables the creation of cross-platform apps that can run on iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows and the operating systems of the future.

Enhanced battery design

The new all-in-one combination battery/battery door provides one-step fast battery changing.

Manufacturer: Zebra,
Communication: RS232, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (802.11x),
Technology: Imager (2D),
Display: Touch screen,
Operating system: Android, Windows CE,
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Technical data


MC3200-R: 213 x82 x40mm
MC3200-S: 190 x82 x 45mm
MC3200-G: 193 x81 x166mm


MC3200-R:372 g, MC3200-S: 365 g, MC3200-G: 509 g


barevn, dotykov, 3", 320 x 320 bod


Li-Ion battery
standard: 2740 mAh
high-capacity: 4800 mAh

Expansion slot



28, 38 nebo 48 klves


RS-232, USB 1.1


Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7.0 nebo
Android 4.1


Standard: 512 MB RAM / 2 GB Flash
Premium: 1 GB RAM / 4 GB Flash

Operating temp.

-20 C a 50 C

Drop spec.

opakovan pd z vky 1,2 m na beton



WLAN radio

Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, intern antna

WPAN radio

Bluetooth V2.1, Enhanced Data Rate


1D laser nebo
2D imager

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