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Warehouse management EWA


What is EWA

  • complex system of efficient warehouse management
  • flexible, adaptable and user-friendly software
  • solution for any individual needs
  • product designed and updated by EPRIN
  • 20 years of experience in identification and logistics
  • reliable and accessible solution for every company
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Proper warehouse structure

Proper hierarchy of warehouse positions and sectors enables us to define the types of packages being acceptable for the given position, to check weight limits for the given position, and control how the warehouse if filled and used.Propers structure also brings about the possibility of navigation around the warehouse and enables the function of optimal passage through the warehouse. Proper structure makes overall warehouse optimization possible.

Reports and overviews

EWA offers a well arranged display of key indicators for proper warehouse optimization, such as keeping records of operations realized in a certain part of the warehouse, by which operator the given process was supervised, the evaluation of the staff productivity, keeping records of customers’ complaints, FIFO overviews, removal from storage according to expiration of given items, and many other functions.

Labour efficiency – Warehouses under supervision

Planning of tasks for individual workers is a key factor in efficient time management. EWA offers automatic and manual planning alike. The tasks can be assigned to a specific worker as well as to a joint task fund. Keeping records of task fulfilment is a key factor in proper work distribution and in the detection of possible process errors.
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Precise and quick stocktaking

Regarding EWA warehouse management, stocktaking becomes a quick and reliable routine with the right results. Another important option may be the possibility to close only a part of a warehouse, or even a given warehouse item, for the purpose of ongoing stocktaking. Thus neither any disruption of smoothness of everyday processes nor any operational restrictions occur.

EWA & Hardware

EWA uses the means of an automatic identification, i.e. barcodes and 2D codes. Using mobile terminals with on-line and/or off-line working modes multiplies the speed of warehouse processes and eliminates errors. Unlabelled goods are marked at the beginning with a label including a barcode which is printed on-line by a thermal transfer printer.
EWA offers broad compatibility of quality hardware devices from world leading producers to satisfy the individual needs of customers, which influences significantly the lifetime of a device and has a direct impact on further investments.

7 general advantages of EWA

  • significant costs savings due to quicker warehouse processes
  • modern and well arranged user interface
  • flexible software opet to tailor-made alternations
  • online and offline working mode
  • minimum demands on the knowledge of the warehouse and goods
  • swift training of the staff
  • accessible system without any other hidden costs
Shall you have any equiries, feel free to e-mail us on obchod@eprin.cz


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