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Robotization and automatization

The use of artificial intelligence, machine learning or augmented reality in online business, computer games or healthcare is a matter of course in the commercial sphere. However, it is also increasingly gaining ground in industry. Our company implements orders in the field of handling robotic workstations and robotic application of labels. We operate in this area not only as a system integrator, manufacturer of accessories and special purpose equipment but also as a supplier of complex production lines. These are mainly robots from FANUC.

FANUC is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial automation, with nearly 60 years of experience in CNC equipment development, more than 22.5 million products installed worldwide and more than 6,000 employees.

The main advantages of automation

  • Higher productivity with flexible response to process input
  • Reduction of human factor error rate
  • Reducing human resources
  • Fast return on investment
  • Better quality of the final product

Why FANUC robots?

  • FANUC is the only company in its field that develops and manufactures all major components, both hardware and software. The advantages are guaranteed top reliability and maximum productivity
  • All FANUC products are designed to optimize energy efficiency through intelligent power management. In addition, it strives to be as environmentally friendly as EPRIN throughout the production process
  • FANUC production lines contain more than 4,000 robots, making FANUC's most automated plant in its field. Therefore, they understand customers' needs well and supply proven and proven products
Each application is associated with a particular challenge or potential opportunity. Regardless of the handling application, our goal is to design effective solutions to increase your productivity. We will be happy to share our experience in manufacturing processes for automation solutions and look at the opportunities for improvement.
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