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Dun & Bradstreet AAA certification

We are honored to inform you that, based on the scoring model of the consulting company Dun & Bradstreet, we were ranked among the 1% most stable companies in the Czech Republic and received the AAA certificate of the highest credibility rating.

Through the international certificate, we want to assure our business partners that they are dealing with a proven company of the highest quality, reputation and high financial stability. The certificate also confirms that, as the holder, we use our inputs beneficially and effectively turn them into quality products and services.

Strict and internationally recognized rating criteria guarantee the exclusivity of companies that can win the award and thus confirm their strong position on the market. The Dun & Bradstreet rating also provides an independent view of the company's financial and non-financial creditworthiness and expresses its current state, financial situation, including a prediction of future risks.

Only a small percentage of companies of economic entities operating in the Czech Republic, representing a minimal risk of the probability of bankruptcy in the next 12 months, achieve certificates A to AAA. Only profitable companies can receive the award and it is issued in three grades: A, AA and AAA.

An integral part of this assessment is the assessment of solvency, financial stability, the economic level of the economically connected surroundings, the level of indebtedness and other business risks.

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List of evaluated criteria, the fulfillment of which requires excellent economic results:

  • The company has been active for at least 10 years, or active for 4 years with a capital of more than CZK 25 million
  • The published financial statements are less than 22 months old
  • Legal entity paying VAT
  • The scoring rating is currently AAA, AA or A
  • The company has no payment obligations more than 30 days past due
  • The company, including its majority owner, is not currently in insolvency, in liquidation, in execution and is not marked as an unreliable VAT payer/person
  • The company's equity capital is at least CZK 0.5 million and is not less than its basic capital (for AAA–AA)
  • Return on equity is at least 20-25% or profit margin is at least 3-5% (for AAA-AA)
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