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Panasonic FZ-E1/X1 - Tablet s hlasovými službami

If you are technical enthusiast or if you like interesting news in the field of resistant products, then you have to know this 'tough guy'. New tablet has arrived to our product portfolio, the Panasonic FZ-E1/X1.
By terminology of professionals, this device is characterized as a marriage of 'taste' of smart phone and 'taste' of powerful and resistant 5" tablet. Do you know any other device that is certified to fall from up to 3 meters, can be immersed in the water for 30 minutes and the battery lasts up to 14 hours of operation? With display which rain sensor that you can control also with soaked gloves?
If you work eg. in transport or logistics services, then you will appreciate reader of 1D/2D barcodes. This device really does not mind taking it to the freezer or building in fire. Directly calls for harsh treatment. But let's go to view the video!
Feel free to contact our EPRIN TEAM and ask for a physical demonstration. Check the contacts here.
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