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Signing the Memorandum on Climate Change Adaptation

Today, we have become one of the drivers of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan and have accepted the "Call for Help to Reduce Emissions in the City of Brno". As part of the call for help, we have signed a Memorandum of Long-Term Cooperation on the commitment of the City of Brno to reduce CO2 emissions and adapt to climate change.

By signing the Memorandum, we have taken another step towards our goal of being present in every area of nature conservation and restoration of our planet. In addition to the savebees.cz project, which focuses on bee protection and aims to inspire businesses and individuals to take up beekeeping, and tree planting projects, whether on our own or in cooperation with the Partnerství Foundation, this is an activity we have been committed to throughout the existence of our company. We take measures primarily in our own facilities, minimize waste production, and have been transitioning to a hybrid vehicle fleet since 2015. We are aware that the city's commitment cannot be achieved without the involvement of primarily the tertiary sector - innovative industry, research and development, and related services, which contribute 46% to emissions.

  • Signing the Memorandum means that we have acknowledged the fact that climate change is real and we have a duty to take steps to address it.
  • Adapting to climate change will help reduce the risk of natural disasters such as floods, droughts, and forest fires.
  • Conserving nature will help maintain biodiversity and ensure that our planet is healthy and sustainable for future generations.
  • Reducing energy and resource consumption through environmentally friendly behavior will help reduce energy and resource costs.

We have committed to incorporating our commitments into our regular operations and activities, thereby contributing to reducing the CO2 emissions balance. We use recycled materials and strive to minimize the amount of waste generated by our activities. We also support sustainability throughout the supply chain and work primarily with suppliers who share the same philosophy on sustainability and work together to reduce the negative impacts of their activities.

We also understand investment in reducing our carbon footprint as a step towards achieving operational savings, a healthier working environment, and a demonstration of social responsibility. We must realize that without nature protection, there is no sustainable way of life, and it is our responsibility to act now to ensure survival for future generations.

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