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Don’t miss out on the time-limited offer on the NEW CL4NX Plus.

Prices for some SATO CL4NX Plus models will be held at the same price as the SATO CL4NX for 6 months.
The SATO CL4NX Plus is a successful successor to the popular SATO CL4NX and is designed for maximum printing efficiency and performance. It is designed to enable printing not only from new but also older printing applications that require a reliable, fully functional printer for years to come.
What the new CL4NX Plus brings?
  • 100% compatible with current the CL4NX and seamlessly integrates into existing applications
  • Emulation software enables intuitive integration into existing workflows
  • SATO Online Services (SOS) enabled - FREE the first year
  • 30 pre-installed languages selectable through the printer panel to create a truly global solution
  • Automatic media calibration to adjust sensor levels for faster setup time

Take advantage of a nice discount voucher and get a SATO CL4NX Plus printer at your bargain price for a good price. Save your investment.


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