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Vision MINI Xi – World's Smallest Smart camera with Ethernet

Vision Mini Xi
World leading developer in the field of surveillance cameras - MICROSCAN company launches world's smallest Smart camera Xi in the new configuration that delivers acceleration of data in the form of Ethernet communication.
Popular Smart Camera Vision MINI acquired another competitive advantage and it is an ideal solution for applications where the emphasis is about the smallest camera control while maintaining all the requirements for full Smart camera.
Camera Vision MINI Xi thus offering users a patented algorithm decoding bar codes and 2D X-mode, autofocus, decoding and DPM codes, recognizing colors and now also popular power supply 10 - 30 V and communication over Ethernet.
We are proud that the EPRIN company can introduce this camera to the customers on the Czech and Slovak markets and now also personally show this model in action. We are ready to help you solve your inspection applications. Contact us for more information!
Sales manager CZE and SR
telefon:+420 538 707 200-202
mobil:+420 724 173 960
fax:+420 543 212 033
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This international sales marketing campaign was realized with the financial support of the South Moravian Region through the Project „Centre for International Trade“
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