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AP75x2 New standard 802.11ac at Motorola

Motorola AP7522

Get 802.11ac speed at a low price point with the Motorola AP 75x2 access points series. The comprehensive feature set and 2x2 MIMO provide all your mobile users with a dependable high-performance wireless connection.

With our high-powered radios, youll need fewer access points, delivering maximum speed for a minimum cost.

Motorola AP7522

And with its sleek, understated look, the internal antenna version of the Motorola AP 75x2 is at home anywhere in your environment including customer-facing public spaces.

The AP 75x2's dual radio capability provides an easy upgrade path to 5th generation Wi-Fi for unmatched performance and capacity, along continuing support for all existing Wi-Fi client devices (2.4 GHz/5 GHz).For more information please contact our EPRIN TEAM!


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