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Confidex Flex for logistics flow

Confidex Flex UHF RFID Labels connect the high-value components automatically to electronic data interface (EDI). This makes component tracking error-free and gives real-time data about the inventories. By that way Tier 1 part suppliers, OEM’s, and logistics providers can further optimize the inventory levels and gain resource savings. These labels are designed to match with wide variety of components – whether the component is plastic, metal, flat or curved. Their flexible structure and strong background adhesive provides a durable identification method for components ranging from car batteries to plastic parts.
  • Reliable identification of high-value assets.
  • Personalized with VDA-compatible data, ready for EDI.
  • Flexible, IP 68 rated UHF RFID label optimized for metallic surfaces.
  • Label can be attached on a curved surface with smallest diameter of 50mm.
  • Excellent adhesion to all surfaces including low surface energy plastics and painted metal.
Umíme svojí práci a rozumíme Vašim potřebám. Více než 30 let zkušeností v oboru automatické identifikace.
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This international sales marketing campaign was realized with the financial support of the South Moravian Region through the Project „Centre for International Trade“
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