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Confidex UHF tagy na 2 millionech aut Volvo

A premium brand car manufacturer and one of the pioneers in modern automotive manufacturing – uses RFID technology to boost their automotive production
What were the beginnings?
Previously, Volvo Cars was using three different methods for identifying and tracking each car during the production: barcode technology in the manufacturing, active RFID in the paint shop and large barcodes in the final assembly. Not only was this approach costly to maintain, but it was not sufficiently reliable for a well-balanced manufacturing process where the slightest disturbance can affect the entire throughput of the factory.
With Confidex RFID tags Corona can Volvo Cars is able to track their production assets all the way from the welding and paint shop to the point of final assembly.
  • Improved utilisation of assets and resources by minimizing waiting times and eliminating waiste or re-work.
  • Lean operations and smart automation improve cost-efficiency and productivity.
  • Final products match customers’ specifications and expectations.
Feel free to contact our EPRIN TEAM for more information about this solution of Confidex Ltd.
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