Mobile engagement across enterprise Wi-Fi networks

Aruba & Meridian App

There are over a billion smartphones in the world today, which enable users to access the web wherever they happen to be – retail stores, hospitals, resort hotels, airports, stadiums and convention centers. 

In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that we spend 90% of our time indoors. How much time do you spent online of our normal day?


Inspired by these technology-enabled consumers, public venues are offering mobile apps to engage with customers. However, these efforts do not often produce a return on investment because they’re simply mobile-friendly versions of an enterprise web site. The first wave of enterprise mobile apps generally failed to take advantage of technologies that personalized the experience of consumers based on who and where they are. And when they did take advantage of location, they ceded control of their data to third-party vendors. 

Aruba & Meridian App

The Aruba Mobile Engagement Solution leverages user, location, device and other contextual data to engage guests in a more meaningful way. This enables enterprise venues to deliver compelling, personalized information to their mobile devices while protecting their privacy. Visitors who connect to a venue’s Wi-Fi can specify their preferences so enterprise businesses know how they want to be engaged.

While retailers have adapted to e-commerce, they’ve equally improved their brick-and-mortar experiences. but until recently, technology hasn’t kept pace with these crucial arms of the retail business. That’s changing with advances in location-based technology. For retail engagement, Aruba Meridian-powered mobile apps and location capabilities give customers a unique and memorable shopping experience.

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