Metallic foil

Metallic foils are suitable for stamping to medium to large areas, stamping with requirement of excellent purity or labels for wine and alcohol (high resistance to alcohol).
Use on:
  • all types of labeling coated paper
  • calendered and coated papers
  • most of laminates
The temperature of stamping:
  • 100C to 140C (for flat stamping)
  • 120C to 150C (with cylindrical stamping)
Available in color versions:
  • silver (110)
  • gold (220, 240, 244, 255, 285)
Warehouse conditions:
Metallic foils must be stored upright (on the inner role) must not be exposed to direct sunlight and should not be stored near heat sources
Recommended storage conditions:
  • temperature from +5C to +30C
  • humidity from 20% to 70%
Metallic foils are supplied in whole packages in cardboard cartons, each carton is marked with the name of the foil, roll width, length and number of roles in a box.
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