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RFID modificated gate

Frequency: UHF,
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing, Automotive, Pulp, paper and packaging, Oil & Gas, IT and electronics, Communication, Construction And Mining, Traffic Management, Railroad, Logistics And RTI Operation, Healthcare,
Surface: All-surface, Metal, Plastic, Cardboard, Glass,
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RFID antenna Zebra AN480 26 x 26 cm

RFID antenna Zebra AN480 26 x 26 cm
Zebra's AN480 offers the flexibility and performance required to meet the needs of enterprises worldwide. Compatible in virtually any global market, this single port antenna can be installed throughout the enterprise in manufacturing and warehouse floor environments or any dock door receiving application. Features: 10.2 x 10.2 x 1.3 in (26 x 26 x 3.4 cm) IP54
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Confidex Ironside Classic

Confidex Ironside Classic
The patent pending solution of Confidex Ironside Classic on-metal Gen2 UHF tag provides a trusted benchmark for low-cost passive RFID in its size and durability (IP68) to various customer requirements. Ironsides performance enables several on-metal identification challenges to be solved, which were earlier impossible with passive RFID.The tag can be mounted easily on any metallic surfaces either mechanically with screws or pop rivets or with industrial adhesive. For a superior grip, Confidex also offers a welding bracket for the tags, which can be used when, spot welding the tag onto the surface. As well as being able to survive various challenging environments, from being dropped under water to tropical weather and mechanical impacts, Ironside has passed the rigorous testing requirements for the Aerospace Standard AS5678 specification as the first tag in the market. The tag is successfully used in tracking assets from steel pallets to train wagons. Confidex - Patent granted in EU and US (US.Pat. 8.794.531). Applicable industries: Manufacturing Automotive Oil & Gas Construction And Mining Railroad Logistics And RTI Operation
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