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RFID antenna Zebra AN720, 13 x 13 cm

This RFID reader is suitable for use in doorways, on shelves, on end-cap displays, on conveyors, or POS. The versatile antenna meets the needs of virtually any RFID application with a wide beam-width of 100 degree for wider coverage.
The AN720 RFID antennas offer all the features required for both indoor and outdoor environments. The rugged AN720 is impact and vibration resistant, and designed to withstand exposure to rain, snow and extreme temperatures; Ideal for the receiving dock doors or outdoor shopping areas.
Frequency: UHF,
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing, Automotive, Pulp, paper and packaging, Oil & Gas, IT and electronics, Communication, Construction And Mining, Traffic Management, Railroad, Logistics And RTI Operation, Healthcare,
Surface: All-surface, Metal, Plastic, Cardboard, Glass,
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