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Industrial printer SATO HR2

The SATO HR2 printer is highly engineered to provide precision printing of labels and is an exceptional performer for the production of small images, including 2 dimensional type barcodes and text.

Printhead resolutions of 305 dpi and 609 dpi are available and label sizes as small as 3mm x 7mm are accurately and clearly printed. The HR2 is in demand for pharmaceutical, electronics, such as mobile phones and laptops, automotive and parts applications where labelling space is limited. The printer is also used for jewellery and watch labelling. 














: 99,
Manufacturer: SATO,
Resolution: 305 DPI (12 dots/mm), 609 DPI (24 dots/mm),
Communication: RS232, USB, Ethernet,
Print method: Termotransfer/Direct,
Print width: to 56 mm,
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