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The world's first fully rugged detachable laptop

Toughbook Panasonic CF-20
Toughbook Panasonic CF-20Toughbook Panasonic CF-20Toughbook Panasonic CF-20Toughbook Panasonic CF-20Toughbook Panasonic CF-20Toughbook Panasonic CF-20
The Panasonic Toughbook20 is a fully rugged, lightweight laptop that easily detaches to become a 10.1" tablet. And it only takes one hand. The detachable laptop features a durable MIL-STD-810G and IP65 design along with a magnesium alloy chassis, so it can take the abuse of most any job site. At only 3.9 pounds, this 2-in-1 machine is good on the go. The clever built-in handle also functions as a kickstand, providing on-the-job flexibility. And even as the workday gets longer, power won't be a problem.
The optional bridge battery allows hot swap battery replacement without disruption. The gloved multi touch display is sunlight-viewable, making this hybrid laptop perfect for rugged outdoor environments. With this detachable laptop tablet at your side, you can handle anything the workday throws at you.
Manufacturer: Panasonic,
Communication: USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (802.11x), Ethernet,
Display: Touch screen,
Operating system: Windows 10,
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OS Win 10 Pro (available Windows 7 Professional downgrade option)
DURABILITY Fully rugged
DISPLAY 10.1" WUXGA 800 nit multi touch with optional digitizermulti touch+ digitizer display
BATTERY Full shift with optional 2nd battery
On Tablet:USB (optional 2nd USB), MicroSDXC, HDMI, Ethernet, Optional Serial, Headphone/mic, Micro-SIM
On Keyboard Dock:USB x 3, SDXC, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet Serial, Docking connector
WIRELESS Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth, dual antenna pass through, optional 4G LTE multi carrier, optional dedicated GPS (u-blox), optional Contactless SmartCard/NFC reader
WEIGHT 3.9 lbs.
WARRANTY 3-year limited warranty, parts and labor

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Toughbook Panasonic CF-54

Toughbook Panasonic CF-54
The world's lightest and thinnest semi-rugged laptop in its class. The new Toughbook54 laptop from Panasonic uses the latest advances to create a laptop two pounds lighter and half an inch thinner than the competition. It features a spill-resistant, full magnesium alloy design, hard drive heater, backlit keyboard and is available in four different models to suit every need. The Toughbook 54 has a wide range of integrated options such as dedicated GPS, 4G LTE mobile broadband with satellite GPS, antenna pass-through, and insertable and contactless SmartCard readers. It is the only semi-rugged laptop that offers an optional second battery, allowing hot swap battery replacement without the need to shut down or hibernate. It is also the only laptop in its class to offer dual drives, another feature that makes the Toughbook 54 one of the most versatile and advanced semi-rugged notebooks on the market. Toughbook 54 Specifications OS Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit (with Windows 7 downgrade option) Semi-rugged durability Display with 14.0-inch HD & FHD with optional 1000 nit touchscreen Battery for 11 hours (8 hours Lite model), optional 2 nd battery (+7 hours; hot-swappable) USB x 3 (optional 4 th USB), Optional Rugged Fischer USB, SDXC, Optional DVD Drive, Ethernet, Optional 2 nd LAN (Ethernet), HDMI, Optional VGA, Optional Serial, Optional PC Card, Headphone/Mic, Dock Connector Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth , optional antenna pass through, optional 4G LTE multi carrier, optional dedicated GPS (u-blox), Contactless SmartCard/NFC reader WARRANTY 3-year limited warranty, parts and labor
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