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General Terms and Conditions

I. General provision

1.In accordance with the integrated management control, EPRINspol. s r.o. issues the following General Terms & Conditions, while the Complaints Procedure shall form an integral part. General Terms & Conditions are available for each buyer at EPRINspol. s r.o., and are made public on the website of the company with the specification of their validity date.

2.These General Terms & Conditions (hereinafter later referred to only as the GTC) regulate the relationship between the buyer/customer and EPRINspol. s r.o. (seller/contractor). These GTC shall apply reasonably to any other contractual relations between EPRINspol. s r. o. and its contractual partners (e.g. suppliers) if the respective contract refers to these GTC. GTC are issued pursuant to art. 1751 sec. 1 of act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended (hereinafter later referred to only as the Civil Code) and shall refer to all the contractual relations, whose participant is EPRINspol. s r. o. (hereinafter later referred to only as the Contract). Therefore, these GTC refer, in particular, to purchase contracts, contracts on work and to any other contracts reasonably, whose subject is the sale of goods or provision of services to EPRINspol. s r. o. (hereinafter later referred to only as the Seller) and the customer (hereinafter later referred to only as the Buyer). GTC form or shall form an integral part of each such contract, specifying part of their content and they shall be binding for the legal relations of the Seller and the Buyer, pursuant to the contract.

3.The content, validity and binding nature of these GTC shall not be affected by the existence of any potential terms & conditions of the Buyer or any other terms and conditions referred to by the Buyer. The binding nature of such terms and conditions, issued or referred to by the Buyer, shall be excluded unless expressly confirmed otherwise in writing by the statutory body of the Buyer. The contractual parties exclude the application of art. 1751 sec. 2 of the Civil Code as if not stated otherwise according to the previous sentence. Only these GTC shall be always binding for the contract between the Buyer and the Seller.

4.Any potential contractual provisions deviating thereof shall have preference before the GTC provisions.

5.The Seller reserves the right to amend these GTC unilaterally. Such amendment shall be valid for the Buyer from the time when the Buyer is informed about such amendment. However, such amendment of the GTC shall not affect the legal relationship between the Seller and the Buyer, agreed before these GTC comes into force.

6.The Seller is EPRINspol. s r.o., with its registered seat atPodnikatelsk2956/6, 612 00 Brno, company ID 46343601, registered in the Commercial Registry, held at the Regional Court in Brno, file No. C 5379, focused in particular on the following: automatic identification and marking of products, wholesale, specialized retail sale,polygraphicproduction, production, installation and repairs of electrical equipment, production, installation and repairs of electrical machines and devices, provision of software, renting and borrowing of movables and consulting in the area of hardware and software.

7.The Buyer is an end user and/or an entrepreneur interested in the products or services of the Seller and for this purpose, he concludes this Purchase contract. At the time of the forming of this relationship, the Seller hands over only his contact details to the Seller, necessary for the trouble-free implementation of the contract, or the detail that he wants to have specified on the documents.

8.The Buyer is aware of the fact that by buying any of the Sellers products, no rights for the use of brands, business names, trademarks, business logos or patents of the Seller are available to him, unless stated otherwise by a special agreement.

II. Safety and protection of information

1.The Buyer gives consent to the Seller for the collection, processing and preservation of the personal data of the Buyer for the purpose of execution of the contract, any arrangements related thereto and for the development of further commercial relationships. The Seller declares that all the provided data by the Buyer are of a confidential nature, will be used only for the specified purpose and not provided to any third person, with the exception of goods transportation (provision of name and address or any other contact details for the delivery to shipping companies) for solving any issues with subcontractors for equipment and components and with an exception in cases of data provision, when such provision is required by the laws or any public authority.

2.The Seller has the right to make any general information public for the purpose of reference about the sold goods or performed services. In the event that the Buyer is an entrepreneur, the Seller has the right to make the identity of the Buyer public for the purpose of reference.

III. Business hours

1.The business premises at the registered seat of the company of the Seller are open for customers during business days from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM or by individual agreement with a responsible person of the Seller.

IV. Prices

1.The prices for goods and services are set by an agreement of both contractual parties, following the price list of the Seller, price offer or information about prices. Any individually agreed price of goods or services between a responsible person of the Seller and the Buyer has priority over the official price in the price list. Prices are specified free of VAT.

2.In the event the Buyer is in delay with payment for any fulfilment according to a contract concluded before and/or in delay with payment for a price or part of the price for any partial fulfilment of such contract, the Seller has the right to:

a)halt any provision of further supplies of goods/services, free of any sanctions and consequences set by the law or the contract due to a delay in supplies (contractual fees, liability for damages, etc.), and also to

b)request an advance payment for the supply halted or any other supply, while the Buyer shall accept this request, and also to

c)claim contractual interests for late payment of 0,1% for the outstanding amount for each day of delay and the Buyer undertakes to pay such interests, and also to

d)withdraw from the contract in case of a delay longer than 10 days

e)request compensation for damage occurred to the Seller, if the Buyer does not fulfil his obligations.

3.Notifying about the defects and application for claims from defects of the fulfilment (complaint) does not give right to the Buyer to halt the payment for the fulfilment of the Seller. None of the defects shall give rise to any delay in obligation execution by the Buyer to pay any agreed price to the Seller in the full amount.

V. Ordering, contract conclusion, amendments

1.The Buyer receives the goods or service for the price agreed at the time of the order. In the case of special goods or services that are not standardly in stock, the Seller shall confirm the price to the Buyer and the date of delivery. The Seller may amend this price following agreement with the Buyer with regard to the actual situation on the market and dependent on the exchange rate development of the CZK against other foreign counterparts. Such price amendment must be accepted by both parties in writing (at least in the form of e-mail).

2.Goods or services may be ordered in the following ways:

a) By electronic mail to:obchod@eprin.cz,hardware@eprin.cz,spotrebnimaterialy@eprin.cz

b) In person

c) By mail

d) By phone

3.The Seller requires orders in a written form (by e-mail, description) from the Buyer and with the following details:

a)Business name and registered seat or the name and surname of the Buyer,

b)Company ID and VAT ID, in case he is registered as a VAT payer,

c)Code and name of the goods according to the price list or of the received offer,

d)Unit price,

e)Manner of takeover and shipping,

f)Delivery address (place of delivery),

g)Requested term of delivery,

h)Description of the person authorized or order goods/services.

4.The contract is concluded by an expressive written acceptation of the order (contract proposal) by the Seller in the following form: Hereby, we accept your order (contract proposal) and we confirm it in full. In the event that the Seller does not accept the order (contract proposal) in full, he shall state the scope accepted by him. Any different way of reaction to the order (contract proposal) does not mean its acceptance without exceptions. Written form also means an electronic mail (e-mail).

5.In the case of supplies of consumer materials (goods), the Seller reserves the right, with regard to characteristic properties of the production technologies, to deviate from the amount specified by the Buyer to a maximum of -/+ 5% from the total one-time supplied amount of one specific item.The Buyer undertakes to pay the price for the real supplied amount of goods.

6.In the event a change in the terms of delivery occurs on the side of the Seller, or in the scope of execution or any other conditions, the Seller shall notify the Buyer without delay and the contractual parties shall agree on an adequate amendment of the conditions.

7.In the event the Buyer requests the Seller to amend the terms of delivery, scope or any other conditions, the contractual parties shall agree on an adequate amendment of the conditions according to their possibilities.

8.Any amendment of the binding contractual conditions must be agreed by both contractual parties in an expressive and written form (e.g. by e-mail).

VI. Payment terms

1.The purchase price may be paid in the following ways:

a)Payment in cash at the time of purchase

b)Partial or full payment in advance by bank transfer

c)Cash-on-delivery (cash taken over by the transporter from the customer)

d)Payment for the invoice with a due date of 10 days from the date of invoice issue, unless any other date of maturity is agreed in the contract.

2.In case of a non-cash payment, the obligation of the Buyer to pay the purchase price to the Seller or the transportation costs or any other financial fulfilment according to this contract is met at the time of crediting the total price, transportation costs or any other payment to the bank account of the Seller, specified in the respective invoice. In the event that the invoice is not handed over together with the goods, it may be sent to the Buyer in an electronic form to the e-mail address provided by the Buyer.

3.The Seller has the right to cede and/or to put into pledge any receivable against the Buyer even without the explicit consent of the Buyer.

VII.Delivery terms

1.The Seller undertakes to fulfil the contract properly in an agreed scope of the subject of the contract.Any fulfilment of the contract by the Seller is dependent on a proper and timely cooperation of the Buyer, including the meeting of the agreed payment terms. In case the obligation of cooperation is not met (in particular any non-payment of advance payment, delayed request for cooperation, etc.), the delivery period of time is prolonged by each delay of the Buyer plus fourteen calendar days. The delivery time is prolonged also in the event when certain circumstances occur, free of fault of the Seller, which cause the goods/service not to be delivered within a pre-agreed period of time, by the time for which such circumstances last.

2.The Buyer may choose the manner of goods delivery in the order (contract):

a)Takeover in person

Goods may be taken over only by a person that is assigned (authorized) for such takeover by the Buyer (statutory body of the company, head employee). This person must identify themselves sufficiently and prove their identity with an ID card or a valid passport.

b)Transportation company

i. Amount is invoiced to the Buyer in addition to the price of the order for transportation according to the price of actually contracted trans. company or by any other transportation company, set by the Seller.

ii.Periods of time for the handing over the goods to the transport are notified in advance by the Seller (by phone, in writing) and in the case of amendment, the Buyer shall be notified without delay.

iii.The Buyer shall check the state of delivery immediately at the time of delivery together with the transporter (in particular the number of packages, undamaged strap, any damage to the box) according to the attached delivery note and refuse the handover of any incomplete or damaged delivery. Any incomplete or damaged delivery shall be notified by e-mail to the address obchod@eprin.cz without delay, put down in the defects report with the transporter and sent to the Seller by e-mail. In if the handover of the supply is confirmed by the Buyer in the documents of the transporter, no claims shall arise in relation to any complaints for the incompleteness or damage to such delivery.

3.The Seller will meet his liability to supply goods according to the contract by the handover to the Buyer.Such handover of goods to the Buyer means the handover of goods to the Buyer at the premises of the Seller, unless stated otherwise. In the event the goods are transported to the Buyer, handover of goods means handing over the goods to the first transporter.

4.Transportation manner, storage, transportation dispositions: Goods will be packed (prepared for transportation) in a common way for business contacts for the transportation of agreed Goods under Central European weather conditions. Packing beyond this frame shall be paid by the Buyer separately (special packages, containers, etc.).

5.The Buyer shall take over the supplied Goods and confirm them to the Seller in writing, in principle to the person performing the Goods delivery and on a delivery note. Not meeting this obligation shall not affect the Goods handover.

6.In the event there is the need to deliver Goods repeatedly or by any other means than agreed, due to the reasons on the side of the Buyer, the Buyer shall pay the Seller any costs related to the repeated delivery of Goods or any higher costs incurred due to any other delivery means.

7.The consequences of any changes to the deliveries following the request of the Buyer shall be borne by the Buyer, in particular an increase in price, extension of delivery deadline, etc.

8.The Seller shall not be held responsible for any damage or delay in deliveries as well as for any claims arisen thereof due to force majeure in particular due to unusual weather conditions, unusual traffic situations, strikes, etc., i.e. any conditions whose development could not be efficiently affected by the Seller.

VIII. Reservation of title, handling with goods

1.Goods, materials and products that do not form part of the performance of the Seller (hereinafter later referred to only as the Goods), remain in the ownership of the Selleruntilthe full payment of the agreed contractual price, unless stated explicitly otherwise in the contract in writing.

2.When handling Goods (including their use), the Buyer shall observe all the safety measures, derived from the generally binding legal rules and from the instructions and information stated on the goods packages or within the Goods documentation, provided by the Seller.

3.The Buyer has the right to manipulate the Goods under the reservation of title only for his own needs. Such Goods may not be resold or put into pledge to any third party.

4.The Buyer may not process, modify or connect the Goods with any other items, whose price is not fully paid.

IX. Legislative requirements

1.In accordance with the legal rules of the Czech Republic, the Seller meets all the requirements related to the environment, in particular he meets the obligations of back takeover of electrical equipment, batteries and accumulators. In the production premises of the Seller, there are collection points established for the Buyer, where it is possible to hand over any disposed electrical equipment, their parts, batteries or accumulators for ecological disposal.

2.The Seller belongs to the collective system for reporting electrical equipment, accumulator batteries and packages.

X. Warranty terms

1.The warranty terms for the goods and services are regulated by the Complaints Procedure of the Seller. The warranty period of time for the quality of goods such as hardware or software is 12 months from the day of delivery, while for consumable materials (labels, carbon strap, hot stamping foil, etc.) the warranty period of time is 6 months from the day of delivery, unless stated otherwise. In the event of doubt, the 6-month period shall be considered as valid. Such warranty shall apply only to Goods which are handled according to the recommendations of the manufacturer and the Seller.

XI. Recommended terms for transportation and storage of Goods

1.Goods are stored in undamaged, original packages

2.Relative humidity of a common environment (50 +/- 5%)

3.Storage under temperature (22 C +/- 2 C)

4.Storage outside of reach of any direct sunlight, thermal radiation

5.Protected from the ground or any other humidity, impurities, weather conditions and mechanical damage

6.Any substances that could release chemical vapours should not be stored with the products, in particular substances containing softeners or solvents

7.Sticky labels and carbon straps in rolls should be stored horizontally

8.The oldest stored products should be used first

9.Repeated packing of partially consumed products into their original packages

XII. Withdrawal from the contract

1.In the event that the Buyer is in delay with payment of the agreed price (incl. agreed advance payments or instalments) for more than 10 days and/or the Buyer is in delay with the provision of any other cooperation for the performance of the Seller (e.g. in connection to the takeover of the performance of the Seller or by the specification of delivery terms, etc.) and he does not provide this cooperation even in the additional period for time after a written (e-mail) call for action, made by the Seller, the Seller has the right to withdraw from the contract.

2.In the event the Seller withdraws from the contract, the Buyer undertakes to return, at his own costs and risks, all the received performance (Goods) from the Seller in 5 days from the receipt of notification about withdrawal, and he shall pay the Seller any harm caused to him due to the breach of the contract by the Buyer. Such harm means in particular all the costs related to the order of Goods at the supplier, costs for the transportation of Goods, loss of profit and any other costs incurred in connection to the breach of this contract by the Buyer. The Seller has the right for set-off of his receivable on the basis of the right for compensation of the incurred harm unilaterally against the receivable of the Buyer related to the return of the already paid contractual price.

XIII. Final provisions

1.In the event any provision of these GTC is or becomes invalid, ineffective or unenforceable, it shall not affect the validity and enforceability of all the other provisions in these GTC.

2.These GTC shall be valid from 1.2.2022 and shall cancel all the previously agreed provisions and practices. The actual version of the GTC can be found at the website www.eprin.cz.

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