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Terms of use

The operator of the website www.eprin.cz (hereinafter Pages) is the EPRIN company (hereinafter the operator), which is consistent with the Act. No. 121/2000 Coll. Copyright Act (the Copyright Act) shall be entitled to exercise property rights to this website. It is prohibited to copy any part of the content or appearance of the source program code or websites without prior permission.

Operator by issuing conditions for use of the Site (hereinafter Terms and Conditions). These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all persons who intend to use the Pages.

It is forbidden to interfere in any way without operator approval to the technical essence or content of the Site. Only the Operator has the right to decide about changing, deleting or adding some parts of these website.

Some of the information published on the Site are taken from other sources which are considered as credible. Nevertheless Operator is not responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of published information.

All information published on this site is informative character.

These Terms and Conditions can change or amend only authorized operator. Legal relations between the Operator and the user of this site formed before the change or cancellation of the Conditions shall be governed by the wording effective as of the date of these relationships.

Terms have been published on 16/12/2013, and since this date are valid and effective.
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