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Zebra AP7181


Elevating Bandwidth to the Nth Power

The Motorola Mesh Wide Area Network (MWAN) portfolio includes the AP 7181, an outdoor high performance, multi-radio 802.11n mesh access point that delivers exceptional network capacity and performance. By embracing the 802.11n standard and optimizing radio hardware and software components, maximum throughputs and connections for mesh networking are realized. The AP 7181 delivers fast, stable connections and allows 802.11n capabilities to be extended outdoors. The AP 7181 is the result of years of customer research and development and is designed speci?cally to meet the outdoor network needs of enterprises, municipal agencies, and transit systems.

Superb Antenna Technology
Motorola’s exclusive intelligent ADEPT (ADvanced Element Panel Technology) antenna system was developed speci? cally for the AP 7181. The ADEPT system allows the AP 7181 to achieve maximum data rates by enabling dual data stream communication via dual polarization antennas. Leveraging multiple transmit and receive RF chains, dual polarized antennas and software con? gurable down tilt, the AP 7181 achieves excellent coverage without the self-shadowing caused by multiple dipole antennas.

High Capacity
The AP 7181 features 2.4 GHz and 5.x GHz radios that support 3x3 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology reaching a maximum data rate of 300 Mbps. This results in additional capacity, which delivers improvements at both the client and backhaul level. The MIMO technology is combined with high performance radios designed by Motorola to maintain high power transmissions at some of the highest data rates. These radios, coupled with the ability to use 40 MHz channel widths, allows the added capacity of the AP 7181 to be leveraged for advanced applications.

Excellent Mesh Routing
The AP 7181 offers robust data connections throughout the network by leveraging Motorola’s leading routing technology, MeshConnex™.

MeshConnex provides ef? cient routing, low latency, low routing overhead, high-speed handoffs and proven scalability. The Opportunistic Radio Link Adaptation (ORLA) is a key decision-making element within MeshConnex™, designed to select data rates that will provide the best throughput at any given time. ORLA helps ensure Motorola mesh networks deliver sustained throughput at the highest possible data rate.

The AP 7181 features fast hand-offs, intelligent routing and seamless security, all key mobility enhancements exclusive to Motorola. The AP 7181 enables a true mobile of? ce in the ?eld, keeping highly mobile workers connected to key of?ce applications, resulting in improved response times and greater process ef? ciencies.

Mesh Wide Area Network Management and Deployment
The AP 7181 has been designed to provide added ?exibility in both mounting location and software con? guration to help minimize deployment and installation costs, maximize ROI and provide for a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). From a mounting perspective, the AP 7181 has been designed for easy installation on buildings, roof tops and light poles, reducing the time required for deployment.

The unit’s deployment process offers a clear work ?ow and organized menu options for con? guration. Coupled with network wide management through One Point Wireless Manager, one application can be used to monitor and maintain AP 7181 con? guration consistency throughout a deployed network, and further assist with post deployment optimization via templates and discovery of installed nodes.

One Company. One Network. One Complete Solution.
Only Motorola delivers mobility and agility inside the enterprise, between locations and out to end-user devices. The AP 7181, together with the AP-7131 indoor access point, creates one of the only seamless indoor/outdoor mesh network solutions in the industry, ensuring contiguous coverage throughout city or campus environments.


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