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Confidex Ironside Micro™


Confidex Ironside Micro™ is a tag solution for returnable transit items and industrial assets that face varying weather conditions and rough handling. Like the industry benchmark Confidex Ironside™, the Ironside Micro is tuned for metal use and brings an exceptional level of robustness against the demanding requirements of industrial and retail tracking applications. Ironside Micro encapsulation is IP68 level and it requires only an area of approximately one square inch. Read range can reach up to 5 meters globally with maximum allowed reader power.

Confidex Ironside Micro Global™ enables tracking of products that travel in both, ETSI and FCC regions and has also better chemical resistance while regional versions offer extended read range. Also NFC version is available, Ironside Micro NFC™

Confidex - Patent granted in EU and US (US.Pat. 8.794.531).


Applicable industries:
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction And Mining
  • Railroad
  • Logistics And RTI Operation
  • Healthcare
: 0,
Frequency: UHF,
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Construction And Mining, Railroad, Logistics And RTI Operation, Healthcare,
Surface: Metal, Plastic,
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Product category  Hard tag
Technology UHF (C1G2)   
Type Global  
Size 27 x 27 x 5,5 mm 1,06 x 1,06 x 0,22 in 
Memory 128 bit EPC + 512 bit 496 bit EPC + 128 bit 
Read range  up to 5 m  16 ft 
Temperature -35°C to + 85°C -31°F to + 185°F 
IP class IP68  

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