EZL 2610 Labeller




EZL 2610 labeller is designed for automated application of self-sealing labels onto packages with circular cross-section. The device can be integrated into a production line or used as a fully autonomous, manually fed unit for marking products.

Precise application of labels onto the products is done by the COLLAMAT 2610 automated labeller manufactured by the same Swiss producer. The whole labelling system is designed for easy setting and simple control. The EZL 2610 labeller is suitable for various operations, especially in food-processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.


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Technical data


EZL 2610

Zkladn parametry


a 3000 ks/hod.

(v zvislosti na vnjm prmru vrobku)

Vnj prmr vrobku:

35 - 90 mm

Max. e etiket:
(rozmr etiket na vku vrobku)

90 mm

Max. dlka etiket:
(rozmr etiket po obvodu vrobku)


Prmr nvinu etiket:

vnitn 40/76mm, vnj max. 230 mm

Napjec napt:

230V / 50 Hz

Max. pkon:

1 kW

Dokumenty ke staen:

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