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Robot Fanuc M1 Series

Robot Fanuc M1 Series
Robot Fanuc M1 SeriesRobot Fanuc M1 SeriesRobot Fanuc M1 Series

M1 series – Lightweight and compact solution for robotic workstation

A new lightweight and compact, parallel link design robot has been introduced by FANUC Robotics UK Ltd.  Designed for high speed electronics assembly and picking and packing of light components. With a handling capacity up to 1kg and a reach of 280mm in diameter makes the M-1 series, ideal for all applications to handle low payloads.

Basic use:

  • Small parts handling
  • Assembly of electronic and mechanical devices
  • Small parts picking and packaging
  • Machine load/unload operations

Ease of integration

A unique six-axis articulated parallel arm is ready to automate difficult tasks such as insertion, bonding, soldering and much more.
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Technical data:

Model    M-1iA/0.5A
Controlled axes    6
Control  R-30iB
Maximum capacity at wrist    0.5
Repeatability +/- 0.02 
Weight  23
Reach  280
Motion range J1  (xy-range=280mm)
  J2  (xy-range=280mm)
  J3   (z-range=100mm)
  J4   720
  J5  300
  J6   720
Maximum speed  J1  -
  J2   - 
  J3   - 
  J4   1440
  J5   1440
  J6   1440
 Moment J4  Ixx=0.002kgm² 
  J5 Iyy=0.002kgm² 
  J6 Izz=0.001kgm²
 IP coverage IP20  

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