Robot Fanuc M20iA

Robot Fanuc M20iA
Robot Fanuc M20iARobot Fanuc M20iA

M-20iA nejvy nosnost a moment setrvanosti ve sv td

With a handling capacity up to 20kg and a reach up to 2009mm makes the M-20 series, ideal for all applications to handle medium payloads.
Technical parameters of this unit excel in especially in the highest value of axis speed and acceleration cycle time of 0.72 s (at 6 kg load capacity, runway 25 mm/25 mm/300 mm) to move the moving pick & place.

Basic use:

  • Machine load/unload operations
  • Material handling for assembly, plastic moulding
  • Cutting, grinding, deburring and polishing
  • Packaging - Picking
  • Glueing and sealing

Ease of integration

  • Ideal for loading and unloading of workpieces
  • Possible high-level moments and moments of inertia on the wrist for complex assembly tools
  • Tools can by used at high speed.
: 950,
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Technical data:

Model M-20iA
Controlled axes 6
Control R-30iB
Maximum capacity at wrist 20
Repeatability 0.02
Weight 250
Reach 1811
Motion range J1 340/370
J2 260
J3 458
J4 400
J5 360
J6 900
Maximum speed J1 195
J2 175
J3 180
J4 360
J5 360
J6 550
Moment J4 44/1.04
J5 44/1.04
J6 22/0.28
IP coverage Body IP54 std. (IP 55 possibilty) wrist & J3 + IP67

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