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License agreement

I. General provisions

  1. This license agreement (hereinafter later referred to only as theAgreement) forms an agreement between a natural person/legal entity, the end user (hereinafter later referred to only as theUser) and EPRIN spol. s r.o with its registered seat at Podnikatelsk 2956/6, B3, 612 00 Brno, company ID: 46343601, VAT ID: CZ46343601 (hereinafter later referred to only asEPRIN).
  2. This Agreement defines the conditions under which the user has the right to install and use the EPRIN software product and all of its upgrades (hereinafter later referred to only as theProduct) on his personal or transportable computer, server, mobile PDA or any other device allowing the installation, start and use of this Product (hereinafter later referred to only as theDevice).
  3. Hereby, EPRIN grants the right to the user to use the Product (hereinafter later referred to only as theLicense) according to the rules set by this Agreement.
  4. This Agreement allows the user to use the Product in as many Devices or in connection to as many devices as stated in the order, purchase contract, contract for work, delivery note or in the invoice.
  5. With the installation, making copies or any other use of the Product, the User confirms that he agrees to the conditions of this contract, he understands them and shall be bound thereby. In the event of his disagreement with such conditions, he has no right to use the Product.
  6. EPRIN is the sole executing subject of the proprietary copyrights. This Product is a copyright in terms of act No.121/2000 Coll., the Copyright Act, as amended, and is protected by this law.

II. License rights and limitations

  1. The Licence is issued for the Product as a whole. The respective components, that are integral parts of this Product, may not be used in any other Products or Devices without the prior consent of EPRIN.
  2. The Licence may not be transferred to any third party.
  3. The User has the right to use the Product only for his own needs.
  4. The User has to right to keep archived or spare copies of the Product in a safe place.
  5. The User undertakes not to commit any of the following acts, nor to allow any third party to commit them:

a)to sell the Product or its licence, to rent them, lease them in a form of leasing, lease them or spread them in any other way without the consent of EPRIN;

b)use the Product repeatedly or install the Product on more Devices than allowed by the number of Licenses;

c)decompile, change, modify or adjust the product in any other way with the exception of use allowed by the law expressly.

III. Limitation of liabilities

  1. EPRIN shall not bear responsibility for any potential damage caused by the operation of this Product.
  2. EPRIN will not guarantee the right operation of the Product, nor will bear the liability for damage to the User or any third parties in following cases:

a)unauthorized or incorrect use of the Product that is contradictory to this Agreement;

b)if the User uses this Product in any other way than described in the documentation for the user of this Product;

c)the Device and technical equipment of the User has demonstrable errors;

d)no expert installation was performed by a person assigned by EPRIN or according to thedocumentation for the user;

e)if the Product is damaged or the data are damaged or lost due to the failure of a network, computer virus, turning off or reset of the Device when the Product was running, due to the improper use of the programs from third parties;

f)the defect occurs after any kind of intervention of the User or third unauthorized party to the Product or to the data equipment of the Product;

g)the User starts to use any other Device, operation system or any other system than the one designed for the Product without prior consulting and the written consent of EPRIN;

h)an inappropriate adjustment to the settings of Product parameters occurred in comparison with the users documentation, or to the used operational system or any other system by the User or any third party (directly or indirectly, e.g. affecting it from another program);

i)incompetency of the User when using the Device and the Product as well as the unpreparedness of the User after submitting the necessary data, by inserting incorrect or untrue data about the User;

j)unexpected circumstances beyond EPRIN activities and by force majeure;

3. In the event of any damage occurred to the User or any third party directly or indirectly on the basis of the use of the Product, the potential liability for this damage by EPRIN is expressly dependent on its culpability and the potential damages shall not exceed the contractual fee in the amount of the license price in any way.

IV. Final provisions

  1. This Agreement shall be valid from 1.1.2020.
  2. Individual amendments to the purchase agreement or to the contract for work shall be of a superior nature to this agreement.
  3. EPRIN reserves the right to amend this Agreement without prior notification.
  4. This Agreement is available for each buyer from EPRIN spol. s r.o. and is published on the internet website of the company with the specification of the validity date.
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