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Software Development

Our software equipment, which completes the perfect functionality of the supplied comprehensive automatic identification solutions, is always developed with added value. The concept of our company is custom software, created by programmers of our company tailored to customer requirements.
Our development services include:
  • Application for mobile terminals, tablets and computers
  • Control applications in production
  • Applications for data processing and data communication with third-party systems
In the case of software solutions made byprogrammers from our suppliers, we successfully participate in the development based on our own experience and practical experience. The results of this activity are very important for our partners to make changes to the satisfaction of other customers.
Comprehensive software solution includes:
  • Solution analysis of the current and target functionality of the entire application
  • Detailed solution design
  • Our realization and installation at your side
  • User training at all levels
  • Permanent assistance and support
Basic rules for creating solutions:
  • Maximum efficiency and user-friendliness
  • Openness of a solution that allows software to be modified and expanded
  • Perfect security solutions with immediate support, personalization or alternative solutions
  • Maximize client investment with existing equipment
  • Possibility of autonomous work of the delivered application in order to maintain functionality even in the case of failure of cooperating systems
We use the latest technologies, development environments and, thanks to our high expertise and insight, we very often work with third parties (customer partners) to integrate our solutions into enterprise-wide systems.
We know our job and understand your needs. More than 30 years of experience in automatic identification.
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