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Save the bees

This project is a charitable and social achievement of our company and our employees in several places in the Czech Republic. Together we can help our planet, create a beautiful activity and do something better for the environment.
In this way, we want to significantly support the nature and functioning of the ecosystem. The general dramatic loss of healthy and strong colonies has a big impact on agricultural production.

Why we are doing it?

Since our company has been founded we are thinking how and where it we can be socially beneficial and useful. If a bunch of good people come together, who doesn't care where and how they live, especially what legacy and legacy they leave behind, there is only one step left this to charity. We are proud of ourselves!

  • We will help the planet, support the environment.
  • We will become the first technical company with our own colonies.
  • We inspire our surroundings, children and adults.
  • We inspire companies, authorities.
  • We will share our experience with this permanent teambuilding.
  • We make our own gift and promotional items, reduce plastics.
  • We are captivated by a unique marketing and approach.
  • We will create a positive community that wants to meet.
  • We will learn new things, broaden our horizons.
  • We will better understand the intentions of nature, which is perfect.
  • We constantly inspire ourselves by thinking about diligence and efficiency.
  • We will support the health of our clients and our employees.
  • We will fulfill the dream of many people to breed bees.
Listen with us to the rhythmic buzz of bees. Pollination is of long-term importance, if not for it, agriculture around the world will cease to prosper and most plants will not be able to reproduce adequately. In short, without bees and pollination, life as we know it would not be possible.
Many thanks for support toTechnology Park Brno,as, without which the project could not be realized at this location.

Our way of life has a tremendous impact on nature which we know distorts the ecosystem balance. This means that some species are increasingly at risk of extinction due to environmental pollution. Corporate beekeeping can be inspiring, environmentally sustainable and economically profitable for everyone. City roofs are also ideal for beekeeping hives.

Bees are a good example of all this. Flower pollination plays an essential role in maintaining our plant world and thus the diversity of nature.

Bees and their superorganism

How do bees work and what is their life like?

Fotogallery - Our Bees 2019

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