About Us

We are a system integrator and leader in the field of automation, digitalization and robotics throughout the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, now with global scope.
As an efficient and smart company with tradition, we focus on complex development and implementation of solutions of automatic identification, custom software development, consulting, service and a wide range of hardware and supplies (labels, ribbons, etc.).
We are perceived as a reliable, strong and innovative partner.Our uniqueness lies primarily in the strength, reliability and experience we use to benefit customers from many industries.We create, collect, process and display current data quickly and accurately.Over the years, we have established a number of partnerships with leading global suppliers of modern information technology.
"Little things make perfection, but perfection is not a little thing"

Our vision

  • Be a leading and professional partner for implementing complex solutions in automatic identification and automation.
  • We innovate and use modern technologies from our specialization.
  • We are expanding our portfolio of satisfied customers and strive for a long-term perspective of the company.
  • We strive for dynamic development that creates synergy between our major partners through comprehensive solutions.
  • We strengthen our relationship to values such as social and environmental responsibility.

Our mission

  • We work with the challenges that come from the market and rely on our know-how, experience and professionalism.
  • We create, collect, process and display current information quickly and accurately.
  • We minimize the occurrence of human error and maximize time, money and human resources savings.
  • We inspire our customers to innovate and implement Industry 4.0 solutions.
  • Any activity in our company is based on social and environmental responsibility towards the market, people and balance to nature.

History and tradition

We have been building our market position since 1992. At that time our company was known mainly in the field of packaging and marking of goods. The transition to automatic identification was smooth and increased with customer requirements.

Since our founding we have been an active member of the GS1 Czech Republic association, which is the only licensed workplace to register for the GS1 System in the Czech Republic. It provides users with methodological, teaching and coordination services and support for the implementation of GS1 standards.

We know our job and understand your needs. More than 30 years of experience in automatic identification.
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