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About us

We are a system integrator and leader in the field of automatic identification throughout the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, now with global scope. As an efficient and smart company with tradition, we focus on complex development and implementation of solutions of automatic identification, custom software development, consulting, service and a wide range of hardware supplies.

We have been building our market position since 1992. At that time, our company was known mainly in the field of packaging and labeling. The transition to automatic identification was smooth and growing with customer requirements.

Now we are seen as a reliable, strong and innovative partner. Over the years, we have established a number of partnerships with leading global suppliers of modern information technology.

Our targets

  • smart and efficient company
  • top company in our focus
  • expand the portfolio of satisfied customers and strive for the company's long-term perspective
  • working on a sustainable and long-term strategy
  • educated and proud of an engaged, loyal and specialized team
  • upgrading and using modern technologies
  • social responsibility

Our mission

  • current access to information
  • minimizing the occurrence of human errors
  • saving time, finance and human resources

The attractiveness of philosophy is based on these simply defined benefits that bring customers an increase in quality of service and satisfaction.

Exactly what our company perfectly controls today is visible all around us - we provide fast, accurate and up-to-date information through the techniques of their creation, collection, display and processing.

The proven benefits of modern technology motivate our customers to implement them in many industries. The use of our services is limited only by the fantasies of our customers.

We cooperate with significant partners
More than 27 years of experience in auto-ID
We know our job and understand to your needs
Brno+420 538 707 200+420 602 158 104
Podnikatelská 2956/6, B3, Brno
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