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Machine construction

Custom-made devices work semi-automatically or fully automatically according to customer needs. Based on an analysis of our team of specialists and specialists we design sophisticated equipment that adjusts and increases productivity in the production cycle. At the entrance to the labeling system are in most cases products of the production line and at the output are products labeled for other customers.
If necessary the devices are fitted with control electronics. The construction of the device is made mainly of aluminum materials or modular systems.
Our experience results from the realization of orders and long-term activities in the field of automatic identification and marking, industrial production, packaging, logistics and others. Development and production focuses mainly on system integration of machines, which are composed of individual parts.

Manufacturedmachines and assembled

  • Label applicators and application workstations
  • Robotic applicators or manipulators
  • Workplace with thermaltransfer printers
  • Conveyors of products
  • Pneumatic components
  • Optical sensors and verifiers
  • Standardized or custom-made parts
Our labeling systems can offer more than you expect
  • Taking products from existing production lines or from a storage tank
  • Product identification and recognition
  • Sorting or positioning products before applying the label
  • Ensure accurate movement or rotation of products when applying labels
  • Relocation of products for further processing

Using our design programs, testing preparations and feasibility analysis we will prepare a special device design
which will be as unique as your assignment.

We know our job and understand your needs. More than 30 years of experience in automatic identification.
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