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Handheld scanner Code CR2600


Patented, feature-rich technologies live in a sleek,ergonomic design. If you work in a 24/7, high-traffic environment, you need a reader that does the same, and then some. The CR2600 takes barcode reading to another level. This ultra-fast, durable barcode reader uses an aggressive scan engine to decode all 1D, 2D and Postal barcode symbologies. Its patented dual field optics ensures a seamless transition from reading large to very small barcodes, while its glare- reduction technology means reading barcodes on shiny surfaces is no longer a challenge.

Its strength also lies in its sleek, lightweight form factor: The palm version of the CR2600 weighs in at a mere 4.5 oz; the handled configuration, 6.0. With the press of a button the units durable quick-release, rechargeable, battery cartridges accurately measure charge level and display battery life using a 4 LED fuel

gauge indicator. And the charging station hosts palm and handled barcode reader configurations and is available with or without an embedded CodeXML Bluetooth modem.

Applications like a Healthcare, manufacturing, retail, warehouse, scanning highly reflective barcodes


: 2,
Communication: RS232, USB, Bluetooth, Keyboard emulation,
Technology: Imager (2D),
Code type: Bar code, 2D code,
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Decoding 2D Imager (CMOS 1,2 Mpx grayscale)
Sensor resolution 1280 x 960 px
Min. resolution

3 mils


Bluetooth (emul. RS232, USB 2.0 Generic HID, HID Keyboard, Virtual COM Port)

Operating temp. od -20C do +55C
IP rating IP64
Dimensions without handheld 28 x 130 x 51 mm
with handheld 135 x 130 x 51 mm
Weight 128 g /170g
Warranty 36 months

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