Real-Time Location System


RTLS is abbreviated from the English description of the "Real Time Location System". Our company works with technologies of SEWIO Networks.

The solution allows real-time tracking of object movements in a defined space, eg inside buildings, production halls or other areas. It is complemented by a GPS system.

The benefits are the investment costs and easy installation of RTLS peripheralsand RTLS Studiointo the solution. The widest possible use can be found in production, logistics, warehousing, trade, tracking of people or in sporting activities.


Why to deploy RTLS?

  • Accuracy of object tracking up to 30cm
  • You can track the position even in 3D to determine the position in the X, Y, Z axes
  • Antennas (anchors) are simply powered over PoE
  • Expansion can be accomplished by simply attaching another anchor
  • The battery in the active tag, can live for years (depending on position re-establishment)
  • It can be deployed for monitor work safety
  • Instant and graphically processed outputs
The solution includes deployable UWB anchors, active UWB tags, and a server-side software solution. It is also possible to use the finished solution in the form of the Sensmap visualization application.

How it works?

Basic functions of RTLS

Setting up and managing
  • With the RTLS ManagerWeb tool, the system is fully and efficiently configured for information gained from the installed workplace.
  • UWB anchorshave their IP addresses, making their configuration and management clear and highly efficient..
  • RTLS Managerallows you to control anchor and tag configuration and upload / update new settings.

  • Position data is accessed through the HTTP APIfrom Websocket or Rest interface for easy integration.
  • Using HTTP commands, data can simply be imported into the customer's parent system.
  • UWB anchorscommunicate with the server over an Ethernet network that is installed before installing anchors. Anchor power supply is via POE and a passive POE splitter.
  • UWB packets from the anchors go through the POE speller and IP switch directly to the server.
Options and adjustments
  • Wide options in designing the tag cover using 3D modeling and 3D printers where the tag cover is chosen by the customer.
  • The options and adjustments of hadware or software depend on each project separately.
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